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Automated Cell Counter

automated cell counter

Accurately Counting Cells in 15 Seconds

RWD C-100 automated cell counter is a reliable cell counting devices with highly intelligent analysis software and excellent microscopy optics structure. It can realize accurate, safe cell-counting, and fluorescence analysis in 15 seconds, which may liberate researchers from the heavy work of daily cell counting.


Cell Type:

  • Cell lines,

  • Stem cells,

  • Primary cells

Operation & Installation


High Accurate

  • With a high-definition imaging system and independently developed recognition algorithms, the C100 can be used to count and analyze common cell lines accurately.

  • Built-in user-defined parameters can set thresholds for cell size, brightness, and circularity. Customized program to reduce counting errors.*Primary mouse macrophages and HEK293 were counted with a hemocytometer and automated counters. The standard deviation of C100 was smaller and the CV value was less than 5%.


  • The C100 is 3 times faster than manual work. Especially, it can be completed in 15s per counting under bright field mode. What’s more, finishing a counting only needs 3 seconds in the fast mode.


  • Users can export images and data reports of counted results, including that of cell images, diameter distribution histograms, count results, the percentages of live and dead cells, and so on.

  • 1000 counting results can be stored in the device or exported via USB


  • Disposable counting slides do not need to be cleaned and reduce the risks of exposure to biological agents and hazards.

Technical Parameters

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Cell Count Analysis

  • C100 is suitable for counting cells or particles with a diameter of 4-60μm, such as most cell lines, stem cells, primary cells, etc.

Cell Viability Analysis

  • When testing cell viability in trypan blue mode, after staining, live cells will be circled in green, and dead cells will be circled in red.

Cell Size Analysis

  • In cell research, cell size is a key feature, which is often measured in cell transfection, drug testing and cell viability.

  • After counting, C100 will count the average diameter of the cells in the sample and automatically generate a histogram.

Cell Fluorescence Analysis: Detect Cell Transfection Efficiency (GFP, RFP)

  • Equipped with the corresponding fluorescence module, C100 can automatically analyze and count the expression of fluorescent proteins (such as GFP and RFP), so as to quickly, simply, and effectively obtain transfection efficiency.

Cell Fluorescence Analysis: Cell Viability Identification (AO/PI Dual Fluorescence Method)

  • In addition to trypan blue staining, AO/PI dual fluorescence staining has become popular as a more accurate live cell counting method and is widely used for primary cell counting.

Order Information

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