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1000 antibodies on SALES
before Dec 31st, 2021

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20ug FOC sample available

3. Buy primary antibodies = Get free secondary antibodies

[MSMINIDUO] Mini Horizontal

Electrophoresis System

[MSMINIONE] All in One Horizontal

Electrophoresis System

Add-on to get a complete package with all the necessary reagents for electrophoresis.

Horizontal Gel Systems Set

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Vertical Electrophoresis Systems

​​[CVS10DSYS] omniPAGE Mini Vertical Protein Electrophoresis System

[CVS10CBS] omniPAGE Mini - PAGE and Blotting Packages

Grab the POWER SUPPLY to make it into a complete system. 

Next Generation Sequencing
(NGS) Services

  1. 16s / ITS / 18s / Archaea rRNA sequencing

  2. Shotgun metagenomic

  3. Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)

  4. Transcriptome (RNA-seq)

NGS Promotion
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Next Day Delivery (NDD)

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