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Genetics Work
with GenScript


GenScript Biotech, the world's leading life science R&D tools and services provider, empowers researchers to unlock the secrets of life. Built upon a foundation of groundbreaking gene synthesis technology. GenScript stands as a trusted partner for researchers and organizations worldwide, driving groundbreaking discoveries and shaping the future of healthcare.



Monoclonal Antibody Services



  • Highly specific recognition of only one epitope of an antigen

  • Immortal hybridoma cell lines have the ability to produce unlimited quantities of antibodies

  • High consistency among experiments

  • Minimal background noise and cross-reactivity

  • Excellent for affinity purification

  • More expensive

  • Longer production time

  • Possible lower signal

  • More vulnerable to loss of epitope through chemical treatment of the antigen. This can be offset by pooling two or more monoclonal antibodies


Polyclonal Antibody Services




  • Robust target signal, even for low expression protein

  • Low cost

  • Short production time

  • Better results in IP/ChIP, and WB

  • More tolerant to changes to the antigen (denature, polymorphism, heterogeneity of glycosylation)

  • More likely to detect across a range of species

  • Useful for non-characterized antigens

  • Prone to batch to batch variability

  • Possible higher background in certain applications



Protein Expression 

GenScript offers comprehensive custom bacterial expression services with cutting-edge solutions for optimizing protein production, purification, and characterizationThe high throughput E.coli expression platform provides a cost-effective option for small-scale expression, aiding in target screening projects.


GenScript's TurboCHO™ system optimizes mammalian protein expression, providing high yields for recombinant antibodies and proteins. Cost-effective, efficient, and ideal for various studies.



Peptide Synthesis

GenScript offers high-quality peptides using the PepPower™ platform. With guaranteed quantity and rapid delivery in as fast as 5 days, researchers benefit from industry-leading speed. A limited-time purity upgrade promotion enhances results at no extra cost, demonstrating a commitment to cost-effective research solutions.



CRISPR gene editing


CRISPR gene editing has revolutionized the life sciences, offering unprecedented opportunities for groundbreaking discoveries in diverse fields like gene therapy, cell line engineering, and animal model generation.

GenScript, in collaboration with Feng Zhang's esteemed laboratory at MIT & Harvard, provides a comprehensive suite of validated CRISPR tools and services to empower your research endeavors.

With expertise and cutting-edge resources, GenScript empowers researchers to accelerate their scientific journeys and translate innovative discoveries into tangible solutions.

Unleash the transformative potential of CRISPR gene editing for your research today.

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