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Genetics Work
Arbor Biosciences


Arbor Biosciences is a leading provider of innovative tools and services for genomics and protein engineering research. They offer customized solutions for next-generation sequencing, cytogenetics, and cell-free protein expression, helping researchers simplify and accelerate their discoveries. Their genetics work has a wide range of applications, including human genetics, agricultural genetics, environmental genetics, and evolutionary genetics. Arbor Biosciences is dedicated to advancing our understanding of biology and developing new therapies and treatments for human diseases.




Unleash the power of targeted sequencing with myBaits hybridization capture kits.

myBaits kits revolutionize next-generation sequencing (NGS) research by focusing on specific regions of interest, dramatically increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Eliminate irrelevant data from your analysis and unlock the true potential of your NGS studies.


myTags Custom Probes

myTags Custom probes are versatile tools for (F)ISH experiments across organisms, supporting applications like 3D DNA-FISH and RNA-FISH. Easily integrated into existing workflows, these probes, available in immortal and labeled options, offer affordability and scalability through a proprietary oligo synthesis platform. With flexible design capabilities and expert assistance, myTags probes accommodate various cytogenetics needs. The user-friendly probes, with ready-to-use labeled options, cater to both novice and experienced cytogenetics ISH users, offering convenient choices for project formats and cadences.

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