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Q2000A, Q2000B & Q2000C
Real Time PCR System

real time pcr machine
  • Leading Pettier Elements from MARLOW, ensure long life of 1,000,000 thermal cycles and fast ramping rate up to 6℃/S。

  • T-optical technology, reduce background noise, improve fluorescence signal sensitivity and signal to noise ratio.

  • The angle of display could be adjusted to the best view.

  • Simultaneous detection of wells, not in sequence.

  • Users could view qPCR process and run PCR protocol through self-contained 10"TFT LCD and touch screen.

  • Innovative SSLPTM CCD imaging technology  for qPCR, avoiding more moving parts problems like overheat, wear and off center. Not optical fiber based, avoiding break and block by dust.

  • Long life LED lamps to excite fluorescence ,no need for replacement in the future.

  • Sample wells with temperature gradient function, convenient to optimize PCR conditions 

    Equipped with LongGene's "Optimun qPCR Design& Analysis Software" for remote operation of instruments and analysis of results.

  • The drawer design of sample block,makes it easier to plck and place PCR tubes and plates 

  • LongGene's "Optimum qPCR Design& Analysis Software"  could be upgraded for free.

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Product Specifications

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