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"Life Sciences Product Expert with Over 10 Years of Experience."

About US

-BIO3 Scientific Sdn Bhd-
Medical Device Authority (MDA) & Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices (GDPMD) certified
life science distributor company founded in 2014.

We're specialized in distributing & marketing of life science products, molecular services,
laboratory consumables, equipment and instruments.
Our primary area coverage includes molecular biology, cell culture, food and
environmental quality testing, diagnostics, natural product testing
, services etc.

GVS filter
RWD cell counter
RWD co2 incubator
RWD centrifuge
Longgene PCR thermal cycler
Longgene qpcr machine
Longgene mini qpcr machine
Longgene PCR thermal cycler

Our Expertise


Genomic and Multi-Omics Services

Next Generation Sequencing

Gene & Oligo synthesis 

Peptide & Protein synthesis

Sanger sequencing service

Antibody production 

CRISPR genome Editing Services

Protein Sequencing



Molecular & Immunology Reagents

PCR & Real-Time PCR/ qPCR
DNA/RNA Extraction Kit

miRNA Extraction and Detection Kit
PCR Cloning Kit

Site-Directed Mutagenesis  

Transfection reagent
DNA Ladder and Protein Makers

Biochemical Assay and Elisa Kit


Bacteria Identification Services
Susceptibility Test
Antibiotic discs

Staining Reagent 
& Food Additives
Microbial Contamination Test

Liquid Media

Filtration System

giphy (2).gif

​Lab Instruments

Shaker Incubator

Magnetic stirrer

Vortex Mixer & CO2 Incubator

 -20°C/-80°C Freezer

Chiller & Ice maker

 Centrifuge & MicroPipette

PCR cabinet & Microscope

UV/Vis Nano-Spectrophotometer

Cell Counter& Microplate reader

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​Culture Media & Reagents

Molecular Diagnostic Buffers

Lab Detergents & Sanitizers

Nucleic Acid Extraction Buffers

Fine & Rare Chemicals


Proteins, Enzymes & Peptides

giphy (5).gif

Lab Consumables

Plasticware & Glassware 

PCR Tubes & PCR Strips

Syringe and Membrane Filters
Non-Filtered and Filtered Pipette Tips
Latex and Nitrile Gloves​
Other General Lab Supplies​

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