About BIO3

Our Story

Bio3 Scientific specialises in distribution and marketing of life science products & molecular services, scientific & laboratory equipments in Malaysia.

To support scientists and researchers in Malaysia, we offer wide range of high quality products, which is extensively used in molecular biology, microbiology, food & environmental quality testing, clinical health, natural product testing and many more.

Our primary product ranged is molecular services, such as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). Besides, we provide molecular biology & microbiology products, such as PCR, real-time PCR reagents, antibody, bacteria culture media, agar, bacteria identification, food & water/ wastewater, pharmaceutical, environment products and others. Others like, genomic service (primer & sequencing), and gene synthesis, which most of the customers will further study in molecular after microbiology test.

Other than reagents, we distribute for general lab instruments/ equipment, such as oven, shaker, vortex, laboratory chemicals, laboratory consumables & plastic wares and glassware.


Genomic services

  • Gene & Oligo Synthesis

  • Sequencing Service

  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

  • Peptide & Protein Synthesis

Molecular Biology

  • PCR & Real-Time PCR/ qPCR

  • DNA/RNA Extraction

  • Buffers and biochemicals reagents

  • Cloning, Mutagenesis and transfection reagent

  • DNA Ladder


  • Bacteria Identification Services

  • Susceptibility Test

  • Antibiotic discs

  • Staining Reagent

  • Food Additives

  • Microbial Contamination Test

Plasticwares & Glasswares

  • Microbiology Plastic & Glassware

  • Molecular Biology Plastic & Glassware

  • Cell Culture Plastic & Glassware

Lab Instrument/ Equipment

  • Incubator, shaker, oven, stirrer, vortex

  • -20°C and -80°C Freezer, 4°C chiller

  • Centrifuge, ice maker, pipette

  • PCR cabinet, microscope

Biochemicals & reagents

  • Biochemicals and Reagents for research and teaching used.